• Ylivieska, Finland
  • 2017
  • International Competition
  • Team:
  • Agustin Sebastian
  • Elisabeth Sjødahl
  • Collaborators
  • Ricardo Orts
  • Milja Tuomivaara

The building is designed as a concave landscape space. The beautiful park surroundings are preserved, placing the new building where most of the existing trees can be saved, and planting new ones. An axe, from south to the north, winding among the trees, binds together the new church, the war memorial, towards the ruins of the burned church. The bell tower, located at the middle of this axe, will articulate the different areas and become a landmark. The building itself, fusing partly with the ground, and being covered by a green roof, becomes park as well and with its winding concave terraces, will extend the promenade.