• New Delhi, India
  • 2016
  • International Competition
  • Team:
  • Agustin Sebastian
  • Elisabeth Sjødahl
  • Jordi Marset
  • David Sanchez
  • Ricardo Orts

The Army, Navy and Air Force branches, fused together, form a closed architectural body of approximately 90 meters of diameter, bending itself around a central courtyard. It is dynamic, adapting its shape to the special conditions of the site: it respects and integrates the existing trees, opens to the surrounding views, filters the adequate amount of sunlight, the relations to the outside park, and defines the scenery for the outer spaces.
The scale of the building is impressive, but at the same time, its movement in section and on the facades, its integration on the park, among the trees, brings the Museum also very close to human scale.

wol_new_delhi_01 wol_new_delhi_02 wol_new_delhi_03 wol_new_delhi_04 wol_new_delhi_05 wol_new_delhi_06 wol_new_delhi_07 wol_new_delhi_08